Use Artwork Archive to Save Time and Connect with Collectors this Holiday Season

Holidays are a great time for artists to connect with their clients and strengthen relationships by using personalized outreach. We understand that sending and organizing holiday communications can take up precious studio time during this busy season.

Artwork Archives provides tools that simplify holiday messages so you can concentrate on spreading the season’s cheer and not sorting spreadsheets.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your Artwork Archives account this holiday season.

To manage client relationships, use contact records :

Artwork Archive lets you store contact details for clients, galleries, and curators. Include email addresses, phone numbers, and any notes you have about each contact. It is easy to create a central database for everyone you wish to contact.

Create contact groups to easily segment contacts:

You may want to send holiday mailers to specific groups of contacts, like clients who have purchased art this year.

Artwork Archives allows you to create intelligent Contact Groups that segment your contacts. You can create a group called “Holiday newsletter,” which includes past collectors and supporters that you would like to thank.

Artwork Archives allows you to quickly create printable address labels once you have created a group of contacts. These labels are pre-formatted for Avery templates 7160 and 5160. You don’t need to type in each address or create your own.

You can easily print labels that are ready to be stuck on envelopes, holiday cards, or other mailings. This is a great way to send personalized notes to selected recipients. You don’t have to worry about formatting or finding individual addresses.

Go paperless by sharing digital holiday messages:

This holiday season, go paperless by sharing digital Reports, Rooms, Documents, and more with selected Contact Groups within the Artwork Archive. Upload a holiday greeting card into My Documents to send to an entire group. You can send a holiday card to all members of a group with just a couple of clicks while reducing the amount of paper used. Spread holiday cheer in an efficient and eco-friendly manner!

Include links to private rooms, reports, or your public profile in your newsletter for a digital holiday greeting.

Share your work easily to increase sales during the holiday season:

Art is popularly purchased during the holidays. Use Artwork Archive Private rooms to share available works. Invite selected contacts to view artwork and buy it in a “Holiday collection.”

You can control who has access to the work and share it with multiple people at once. This is a great way for collectors to get in touch with holiday specials and offers.

Record any holiday interactions, including personalized reports or shared private rooms. These interactions are automatically added to the history of each contact in their Contact Record. It creates an entire timeline of all your communications and relationships with each contact.

The tracking of interactions makes it simple to continue where you left off following the holidays. You will have a record of who you interacted with and can continue these relationships.

Spread the holiday cheer online and reach more people:

Post a festive seasonal greeting to your Artwork Archive P Public Profile Newsfeed. Create it with a cheerful greeting, a catchy image, or recollections of the past year. You can connect with collectors and potential collectors outside of your private contacts by using this public message. Share updates with your audience and spread holiday cheer.

Artwork Archive doesn’t directly offer the creation of custom gift cards, but artists can create their own by using existing features. Reproductions allow you to develop limited-edition gift cards. Upload an image of the gift card design to a Piece Record. Create a Run based on the number of cards you wish to print. You can assign different values to each card by adjusting the price.

Artwork Archive’s ability to manage and design self-produced gift card sets is a great way for artists to bridge the gap that exists between holiday sales and new artwork creation.