This artist challenges her audience to overcome their intuition

Holly Ann Friesen, Artwork Archive Featured Artist, says: “There’s more to it than meets the eye.”

I’m fascinated by the idea that you can challenge the audience to look beyond the object itself, to overcome intuition, and to encourage people to reflect on what they are experiencing.

Holly Ann Friesen began her career as a scientist before turning to art. Holly Ann Friesen’s abstract paintings use color and shape as a way to explore light on both a micro- and macro-level.

She aims to make a connection with her subject without trying to accurately reproduce it visually.

Her pieces appear different from afar and up close, just like in nature. The interaction of different scales is part of the conversation that she wants to create through her work.

She hopes that her paintings will help others see and feel the world better.

I find it most rewarding to get into the flow of painting near the end.

The last color strokes make the difference. At this stage, I ask myself: “Is this painting interesting?” This painting is a reflection of my intentions.

When I am having trouble resolving an artwork, my background as a scientist specializing primarily in the sciences has given me the focus and drive to keep going.

Every professional project I’ve worked on has had a problem-solving element. I go back and forth a lot to resolve the images.

My paintings are different from close-up and far-away, just as I see nature. The interaction between scales is an important part of my abstract landscapes.

Although I was very passionate about my work, I wanted to do something more immediate and tangible. As I settled in a rural area of the boreal forests, I began to translate what I experienced and saw every day.

I wanted to create a more personal piece with my visual vocabulary, one that was based on my memories and experiences in the natural world.

My paintings do not directly represent the landscape. I hope to evoke feelings of place in my audience.

My work should encourage people to draw on their memories and experiences of the landscape.

Creative Blocks are a problem that affects everyone. Everyone has their way of dealing with it. My scientific and analytical background is especially useful in my creative process. I keep going until the block is removed.

Working with my hands helps me break through the block. Artwork Archive allows you to create an online portfolio and catalog your artwork. You can also generate reports such as inventory reports, tearsheets, and invoices. Try Artwork Archive for free and start growing your business.