Artwork Archive Recap: Top 2023 Updates in Product Descriptions

These improvements are testaments to our collective mission to empower artists, arts organizations, and collections with tools that enhance management and expand the reach of artworks and collections.

We’re eager to see the impact these enhancements will have on your art career and collection.

This is a quick look at what Artwork Archive can do for you.

Simplify Communication with the Contact Picker

Communication is key to a creative career, whether it’s connecting with clients, collectors, or collaborators. Artwork Archive Contact Selector makes it simple to organize and streamline all your contacts.

The newly updated feature provides a simple interface for managing and creating contacts. Create Contact groups that categorize your collectors, galleryists, fellow artists, publishers, suppliers, and media contacts.

Contact Groups allow you to share artwork or reports with a group of people at the same time. You can even share private rooms. When you share a Report, it is automatically recorded in the Contact’s contact record. This makes it easier for you to track your interactions.

Make a great first impression by customizing the first page of Your Public Profile.

Now, you can choose the Default Landing Page for your Profile. You can choose whether to display your entire portfolio or Collections.

This new feature allows you to control the first experience that visitors have when they visit your page.
You can create a first impression by setting your default public landing page. You can display your entire portfolio, highlight themed or medium-specific collections, introduce visitors to your artistic background, or give more insights into your collection by using your About page.

You can direct visitors to your unique creative practice, collection, or organization by strategically customizing your landing pages. This can help create a good first impression and turn visitors who are new into fans.